Common Rail Additive

Articlenumber: P000034
For all diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filters – especially suitable for preventative use for common rail and pump-jet technology. Tested for turbochargers. For adding directly to the fuel tank. Can contents are sufficient for up to 75 l fuel. Effect lasts up to 2,000 km.


Maintains and protects the entire fuel system from wear, deposits and corrosion. Improves engine running and prevents performance decrease. Increases the lubricity of diesel fuels. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Common Rail Additive 5139 250 ml Can sheet metal D-F-NL
Common Rail Additive 8953 250 ml Can sheet metal GB-GR-I
Common Rail Additive 2185 250 ml Can sheet metal D-PL-BG
Common Rail Additive 8357 250 ml Can sheet metal D-E-P
Common Rail Additive 8372 250 ml Can sheet metal GB-ARAB-F
Common Rail Additive 8386 250 ml Can sheet metal D-H-RO
Common Rail Additive 7506 250 ml Can sheet metal D-RUS-UA
Common Rail Additive 20808 250 ml Can sheet metal D-GB-SLO-SRB-HR
Common Rail Additive 21310 250 ml Can sheet metal ALGERIEN-GB-ARAB-F
Common Rail Additive 21508 250 ml Can sheet metal F-D
Common Rail Additive 1776 200 l Drum sheet metal D-GB

Additional Information

Description Combination of agents with a high proportion of lubrication improvers and cleaners. This product is therefore specially formulated to meet the demands of diesel engines with Common Rail and Pump-Injection high pressure injection using low sulphur diesel fuels and to give protection against wear. Other agents which have cleaning, dispersion and material protection properties maintain the operation of high-precision injectors. Due to the increased ignition performance, the fuel shows better combustion behaviour when the engine is cold and the pollution from odours in the exhaust is reduced.
Application -The ignition performance is increased and the lubrication action and lubricity performance are improved only by adding the product to low-sulphur diesel fuels on a continual basis. One 250 ml can of the product is sufficient for 75 litres of fuel. Dosage 1:300

-To keep the injectors clean and for corrosion protection, add content to the passenger vehicle diesel fuel tank every 2,000 km.

-When decommissioning and preserving engines, add content to diesel fuel at the rate of 1 %. Follow the instructions on preservation.

- Can be mixed with the fuel at any time since mixing takes place automatically.
Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 1344

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