Viscoplus Heavy Duty Formula

Articlenumber: P003280

Suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filter (DPF). Can be mixed with all commercially-available motor oils. 1 l sufficient for up to 20 l of motor oil.


High-performance additive for stabilizing the viscosity of motor oils. Keeps motor oil viscosity stable and ensures constant oil pressure. It provides superb protection against mechanical shear loss of the motor oil under even the harshest conditions. Prevents thinning of motor oil caused by frequent cold starts. Oil consumption is reduced by means of improved sealing of movable engine parts.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Viscoplus Heavy Duty Formula 2105 1 l Can sheet metal D-GB-I-E-P
Viscoplus Heavy Duty Formula 2697 1 l Can sheet metal D-PL-H-RO-TR

Additional Information


Modern, mono-functional high-performance additive for stabilizing the viscosity of motor oils. Viscoplus Heavy Duty Formula offers outstanding protection against mechanical and therefore permanent shear losses to the oil under extreme running conditions and is effective against the thinning of motor oils due to frequent cold starts.

Application Can contents (1 l) are sufficient for up to 20 liters of motor oil. After adding to the motor oil, allow the engine to run warm. The product can be added at any time.
Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 630

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