Cavity Compressed-Air Can Gun

Articlenumber: 6226
For coating difficult to access cavities with preservation products.


Powder coated aluminum-container with standard compressed air connection and check valve. Filling volume 1 liter. The material volume can be exactly set by using a control valve. Adding air to the directed spray achieves very find spray material atomization.

Additional Information


Powder-coated aluminum container with standard compressed air connection, check valve, flexible nylon probe and angle nozzle. Filling amount 1 liter. The material quantity can be specified exactly by means of a control valve. The air fed into the spray stream causes the spray stream to be very finely atomized.

Content 1 Stk
Application For coating difficult to access cavities with preservation products like Cavity Sealant light brown (Part no. 6108) or transparent (Part no. 6118). Operating pressure 2 -8 bar.
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 90
  • Underseal

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