Cavity Protection, transparent

Articlenumber: P003475
For complementing the factory cavity sealing in new vehicles. For posttreating seals after 2 – 3 years and for complementing the corrosion protecting after accident


Low-solvent corrosion protection material with extremely high creeping capability and high heat resistance. Short cooling period. Migrates under and suppresses moisture. After thoroughly drying, it forms a very tough, permanently soft water-absorbent protective film.
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Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Cavity Protection, transparent 6116 1 l Can sheet metal D-GB-I-NL-P
Cavity Protection, transparent 6118 10 l Drum sheet metal D-GB-F-I-E-NL-P

Additional Information


Solvent-based corrosion inhibitor for cavity protection with a high solids content. A thixotropic liquid with good atomizing properties which is capable of reaching areas difficult to access, reaches into and wets narrow spaces between metal panels and displaces moisture. The product contains a high proportion of rust inhibitors and can be used at low temperatures above 10 °C. Creep behavior is improved if the product and bodywork are at room temperature. On drying completely, the product forms a plastic, water repellent waxy film.


In the workshop, the product is mainly used for protection of the inner surfaces of cavities, for supplementing existing cavity protection in new vehicles and for the aftertreatment of cavity protection after 2 - 3 years and after accident repairs.

Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 600
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