Liquifast 1402 (Cartridge-set)

Articlenumber: 6138

For gluing windshields, rear and side windows on vehicles. Can not be used if the manufacturer requires a high modulus and/or non-conductive pane adhesive, e.g. for glass-integrated antennas and heaters.


Cartridge set consisting of:
    •    1 x Liquifast 1402, 310 ml
    •    1 x Liquiclean, 30 ml
    •    1 x Active Primer, 10 ml stick
    •    1 x nozzle
    •    1 x disposable gloves
    •    1 x instructions for use

Additional Information

Description 1-component, cold-application and moisture-curing adhesive as direct-glazing sealant for vehicle windows in the case of repairs. Includes the “Liquiclean” cleaner and the “Active Primer” glass and paint primer. Liquifast 1402 was tested in crash tests by TÜV and is characterized by its fast hardening properties and excellent rigidity. Vehicles whose windows were bonded using Liquifast 1402 are ready to be driven again after just 1.5 hours (with or without driver airbag) or 3 hours (with front passenger airbag) of drying time according to general test conditions.
Content 1 Stk
Application 1. Cleaner
The bonding surfaces must be dry and free of oil, dust, grease and other contamination residues. The glass surface or ceramic coating is cleaned with Liquiclean or Cleaner and Thinner (part no. 6130) and then with Windshield Cleaner Foam (part no. 1512), as are the bodywork flange or newly painted body components. We recommend also cleaning the remaining adhesive beading that has been trimmed back with Liquiclean or Cleaner and Thinner. Before applying the sealant or bonding the window, the cleaned bonding surface must be completely dry.

2. Priming/activation of pre-coated windows
Active Primer is required for adhesive pre-treating during window bonding. The Active Primer is included in the set as a 10 ml stick. Shake Active Primer well for at least 45 seconds before use. Active Primer can be applied universally in the bonding area thinly and evenly (approx. 0.05 mm wet-film thickness) on the cleaned glass surface or ceramic screen printing, on the clean paint surface of newly painted car-body components, on remaining adhesive beadings that have been trimmed back and pre-coated windows (PUR and RIM coatings). The primed surface must flash off for approx. 15 minutes before the windshield adhesive is applied.
If the remaining adhesive beading was cut back more than 6 hours ago, pre-treatment with Active Primer is specified as binding.
Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 288

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