Liquimate 8100 1K-PUR gray

Articlenumber: 6154
Is used for sealing, among other things, during vehicle repair. For visible seams and normal seams.
Contains isocyanates May produce an allergic reaction


High-grade 1-component PUR adhesive/sealing compound for permanently flexible bonding jobs. OEM quality. Can be overpainted with 2-component paint. Rigid. Can be applied with a brush and spatula. Can be overpainted with primers and fillers after thorough curing.

Additional Information

Description A 1-component, paste-like polyurethane-based adhesive/sealant which is cross-linked (cured) by the moisture from the air to form a rubbery-elastic material. The skinning and curing times are both dependent on the humidity of the air and the temperature but the curing time is also dependent on the depth of the joint. These times can be shortened by raising the temperature and humidity. Low temperatures and humidities have a retarding effect.
Content 300 ml
Application All external seams should be painted over. Before the adhesive/sealant has cured, joints must be temporarily held with adhesive tapes or spacers. LIQUImate 8100 1C PUR offers a great advantage in that it both seals and bonds the material. LIQUImate 8100 1C PUR is not suitable or is only suitable to a limited extent for structural bonds.
Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 1008

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