Metal Putty

Articlenumber: 6187
For repairing cracks in housings and refurbishing damaged tapped holes.


2-component epoxy putty which bonds to all materials. Stable in the presence of salt solutions, dilute aqueous acids and dilute alkalis. Mechanical processing can be performed after approx. 20 minutes.

Additional Information

Description Adherent 2-component epoxy resin putty with very good chemical resistance. Ideally suited for permanent quick repairs such as sealing cracks or repairing damaged threaded holes in iron, cast iron and other surfaces. Also suitable for magnesium. After curing, the repaired site can be machined, ground and painted over.
Content 56 g
Application To obtain the optimum adhesion, the area to be treated should be free from dirt, grease and oil residues. For cleaning, we recommend Cleaner and Thinner (part no. 6130). Use a knife to cut off the required length of metal putty from the roll and knead it well.

The two components are mixed together by kneading them together and the metal putty begins to cure. Processing should be performed within 3–4 minutes. The mechanical processing can be performed after approx. 20 minutes.
Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 900

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