Rearview Mirror Adhesive Set

Articlenumber: P001428
Developed for gluing rear-view mirror feet made of metal to windshields and for hinges on vent side-windows.


Special set with glue cartridge and special fleece. Outstanding unequal thermal expansion equalization.
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Rearview Mirror Adhesive Set 6194 1 ml Blister D-GB-I-E-P
Rearview Mirror Adhesive Set 8059 1 ml Blister D-RUS-UA

Additional Information


The adhesive set consists of a high-strength anaerobic adhesive with an impregnated nylon grid which is used both as a support for retention and as a catalyst for the adhesive. It has been specially developed for bonding the metal feet of rearview mirrors to windshields as well as the hinges on hinged side windows. Due to its high viscosity, it can also be used on vertical joining surfaces. The product compensates excellently for different thermal expansions and can therefore be safely used for bonding all types of rearview mirror feet to windshields. Also suitable for Ford and Seat models. This adhesive set can also be used in the furniture industry for bonding metals or plastics to glass surfaces.

Application The bonding surfaces must be dry and free of dirt, grease and oil residues. For cleaning, we recommend LIQUI MOLY Cleaner and Thinner (part no. 6130). The impregnated nylon grid is used as a bonding agent and should be trimmed to the size of the area to be bonded. Next, hold the component to be bonded on the surface of the glass and mark the desired position. Now apply the adhesive to the component to be bonded and place the grid on top. The component is then attached to the marked glass surface and held there with slight pressure for approx. 2 min. The mirror can be mounted on the base after approx. 15 minutes. The adhesive is fully dry after approx. 24 hours.
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