Round Sealing Cord

Articlenumber: 6197
For sealing and spacing in automotive and caravan engineering between metal, wood and plastic to each other and among each other. Especially suitable for taillight sealing.


Permanently-elastic butyl rubber round chord on a carrier film. Its tackiness lets it adhere to all clean and dry surfaces. (5 x 2 m)

Additional Information

Description Liqui Moly Sealing Cord is an aging resistant, permanently plastic, highly adhesive butyl rubber cord. Sealing Cord is used for mechanically fixed seals for repairs to headlights, taillamps, windshields, domelights, glass roofs and overlapping sheet-metal joints etc. Due to its intrinsic tackiness, this sealing profile can be used to bond all clean, dry surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic and glass to each other.
Content 1 Stk
Application Cut off the required length with the backing film from the drum. Lay the Liqui Moly Sealing Cord on the sealing surface being treated and press lightly. Remove the backing film and bond with the part or install the sealed component.

Store Liqui Moly Sealing Cord in a cool and dry place protected from intense sun radiation.
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 192

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