Size Resin

Articlenumber: 6298
For sealing the surface of stone cracks in laminate glass car windows after repairs.


Low-viscosity resin for sealing the surface of a stone damage repair point.

Additional Information

Description Clear, liquid, UV-curing adhesive for filling in surface damage during windshield repair.
Content 5 ml
Application Add a drop of Size Resin to a Mylar square and position this over the impact point. As an alternative, add a drop of Size Resin directly to the impact point and cover it with a Mylar square. Use a UV lamp with an output of 4 to 10 watts for curing. This is included in our case for laminated glass repair part no. 6261 or 6265. After the Size Resin cures, the surface can be leveled using a razor blade, also included in the case for laminated glass repair, and then polished with Polishing Paste part no. 6297. This enables the best possible repair result.
Note: The product should not come into contact with rubber or plastic parts or painted surfaces of the vehicle. In the event of contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water or glass cleaner.
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 1000

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