Zinc Aluminum Spray

Articlenumber: 1640
For repairing all damaged galvanization types. (Hot-dip, flamesprayed zinc coating and electrogalvanizing).


Very good corrosion protection through a high zinc and aluminum content. Can be used as weather resistant, sole corrosion protection. Fast drying. Service temperature up to +250 °C. For all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Very good electrical conductivity. Can be painted over.

Additional Information

Description Zinc Aluminum Spray is an active means of cathodic corrosion protection. The resistant, flexible, heat-resistant zinc film which is produced protects iron and steel components from rust and corrosion. Zinc Aluminum Spray can also be used as the only means of corrosion protection.
Content 400 ml
Application Shake can vigorously for at least 1 minute before use. Spray onto clean, dry, degreased metallic surfaces. Can be painted over after 8 hours. Layer thickness of the zinc film dry after a single spraying: 25-35 µm.
After use, clear spray nozzle by inverting can and spraying until only the propellant emerges.
Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 1008

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