Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Protection

Articlenumber: P000060
Suitable for diesel vehicles with diesel particle filters, provided these have not already been equipped with an electronically controlled additive tank system for filter regeneration (as used by Citroen and Peugeot, for example). Also suitable for trucks and buses.

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Highly effective additive that reduces the build-up of particulates and improves the reliability of diesel particulate filters. Vehicles used for short trips and city traffic are especially affected by problems with clogged diesel particulate filters. Regular use keeps the diesel particulate filter clean, avoiding expensive repairs and down times. Diesel Particulate Filter Protection ensures optimum fuel combustion and reduces the build-up of particulates. This also contributes to reducing emissions.
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Pro-Line Diesel Particulate Filter Protection 5123 1 l Can sheet metal D-GB-I-E-P

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