Meguin Cutting Oil V15

Articlenumber: P001029


Cutting fluid which contains mineral oil and is not miscible with water. It is a preparation of solvent-refined, low aromatic mineral oil fractions, modified grease oils and sulphurous anti-wear additives. The product provides excellent protection against corrosion, has stable ageing properties and does not tend to form oil mist or foam. Meguin Cutting Oil V15 is ideal for machining free-cutting steel and aluminium alloys and also for non-alloyed and alloyed case-hardened, tempered and construction steel. Machining operations on cast materials and demanding gear cutting work (including gear wheel grinding) are no problem using Meguin Cutting Oil V 15. The product produces excellent finish quality and ensures long tool service lives.
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Meguin Cutting Oil V15 9287 1 kg Tank truck D-GB

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