Separating Oil WT01 S

Articlenumber: P003348
WT01 S releasing oil can be used for separating asphalt, as a cleaning agent and as forming oil.


Biodegradable   universal mold release agent with outstanding non-stick properties for low   and high operating temperatures from -15°C up to +95°C. Keep out of strong   sunlight.
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Separating Oil WT01 S 8588 20 l Canister plastic D-GB

Additional Information

Application Used for separating asphalt: WT01 S releasing oil is applied thinly but all over onto the dry and clean surface with a spray device (nozzle connection or heavy-duty sprays), rubber wiper, paint brush or cloth. Excess must be removed with a rubber scraper or cloth. WT01 S releasing oil is ready for use and must not be diluted with water. Used as a cleaning agent: Thanks to its eco-friendly properties in particular, WT01 S separating oil is also suitable for cleaning and maintaining construction machinery and equipment. To keep construction machinery and equipment clean, spray or apply WT01 S releasing oil daily before using the equipment.
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