Catalytic-System Cleaner

Articlenumber: P000055
Suitable for all gasoline engines with a catalytic converter.


Protects the catalytic converter from clogging with soot. Cleans intake valves and the combustion chamber. Improves the combustion of the fuel. Clean engines reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. Prevents corrosion in the fuel system.

product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Catalytic-System Cleaner 8931 300 ml Can sheet metal GB-GR-I
Pro-Line Catalytic-System Cleaner 20687 300 ml Can sheet metal D-GB-CN
Catalytic-System Cleaner 21311 300 ml Can sheet metal ALGERIEN-GB-ARAB-F
Catalytic-System Cleaner 21346 300 ml Can sheet metal GB-ARAB-F

Additional Information


Pour additive into the LIQUI MOLY Pump-spray Bottle (part no. 3316). Pump up the pump-spray bottle. Establish access to the intake tract, ideally behind the turbocharger. Please note that the access must be located immediately behind the air-flow sensor. Start the engine and spray the additive into the intake tract at short intervals while the engine is at moderate speed (2,000-3,000 rpm). If the speed does not begin to fluctuate, the intervals between spraying can be lengthened. If the speed fluctuates sharply (<700 rpm), shorten the intervals between spraying. For fine atomization, check regularly that the pump-spray bottle has sufficient residual pressure. LIQUI MOLY cannot offer any warranty if the product is not used as specified in the product information or if dosing systems other than those indicated here are used. It is the responsibility of the user alone to verify the suitability of alternative dosing systems. To ensure optimum cleaning of the fuel system, we recommend adding Catalytic-System Clean (part no. 7110) to the fuel immediately after applying the additive. This will safeguard the cleanness of the complete engine system including the exhaust gas system.

Package Unit 20
Pallet Unit 1960
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