Cavity Protection, light brown

Articlenumber: 6108
For complementing the factory cavity sealing in new vehicles. For posttreating seals after 2–3 years and for complementing the corrosion protecting after accident repairs.


Low-solvent corrosion protection material with extremely high creeping capability and high heat resistance. Short cooling period. Migrates under and suppresses moisture. After thoroughly drying, it forms a very tough, permanently soft water-absorbent protective film.

Additional Information

Content 1 l
Application Any rust which may be present on the surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly removed before treatment. The material can be used at low temperatures above
10 °C but creep behavior is improved if the product and the surface to be treated are at room temperature. Cavity protection can be applied using the pressure-feed spray gun for cavities, Part no. 6226 at an operating pressure of 2 - 8 bar depending on the spray pattern desired. Shake contents of can vigorously before use. The drying process may take several days, depending on the type of cavity being treated and the thickness of the film. Adequate ventilation must be provided during drying.
Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 600
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