Truck Top-up Oil 5W-30

Articlenumber: 4615
For commercial vehicle diesel engines subject to high loads that meet the Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emissions standards with exhaust aftertreatment system and soot particle filter (DPF/CRT). In some cases can also be used in older commercial vehicles in compliance with the Euro II and Euro III emissions standards.


Low-friction motor oil based on synthetic technology. Practical for refilling commercial vehicles on the road. Provides excellent protection against wear and guarantees a stable lubricating film under all operating conditions. Reduces fuel consumption due to low viscosity and enables long oil change intervals thanks to excellent shear and aging stability. Can be mixed with all commercially available motor oils.

Additional Information

Content 5 l
Oil Type Synthese Technologie
Application The specifications and instructions from the assembly or vehicle manufacturer must be followed. Recommended mainly for diesel engines, but also suitable for gasoline engines.
Package Unit 4
Pallet Unit 112

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