Antifreeze for Pneumatic Brakes

Articlenumber: P001723
Suitable for all pneumatic brake systems that have a tank for filling the antifreeze installed in the brake system.


Combination of active agents consisting of aliphatic alcohols and corrosion inhibitors. Ethanol-free. Prevents condensation water from freezing in the pneumatic brake system. Protects the brake system against corrosion and improves the lubrication of the valves. Prevents hardening of the rubber components. Ensures the function of the brake system even at low temperatures.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Antifreeze for Pneumatic Brakes 1828 1 l Can sheet metal D-GB-GR-I
Antifreeze for Pneumatic Brakes 7662 1 l Can sheet metal D-RUS-UA

Additional Information

Application Fill antifreeze for pneumatic brakes in the tank of the pneumatic brake system intended for this purpose. For the best possible protection and care of the brake system, we recommend using antifreeze for pneumatic brakes during the entire year. Check the fill level at regular intervals and refill if necessary. Note any manufacturer’s instructions!
Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 630

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