Fluorescent Leak Finder for hydraulic systems

Articlenumber: 3404
Fluorescence indicator for mineral hydraulic oils. Normal dosage 1:100 and for weak leakage dosage 1:20.


Oil additives for quickly and accurately locating leaks in hydraulic systems. Renders the hydraulic oil extremely fluorescent so that leaks can be accurately located and the full extent of the oil loss can be determined by illuminating the affected area using an indicator lamp (UV flashlight).

Additional Information

Content 500 ml
Application Add to the hydraulic tank depending on the area of use. The usage concentration is 1:100, meaning that up to 50 l of hydraulic oil can be treated with a 500 ml can. With very slight leaks, we recommend increasing the usage concentration to up to 1:20, whereby the 500 ml can is sufficient for 10 l of hydraulic oil. After adding to the hydraulic oil tank, the hydraulic system should be used for several operating hours to achieve complete mixing of the oil and the additive. Perform the subsequent search for leaks in a darkened room wherever possible.
Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 936

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