Display, folding*

Articlenumber: 9348

Width: approx. 55 cm
Height without topper: approx. 153 cm
Height with topper: approx. 182.5 cm
Depth: approx. 31.5 cm


Stable sales display made of printed and laminated cardboard with plastic protective edges and loadable trays.
Dimensions of the display:
Height: approx. 153 cm (without topper) width: approx. 55 cm
Height: approx. 182.5 cm (with topper) depth: approx. 31.5 cm
Dimensions of the tray:
Width: approx. 50.5 cm (usable inner dimension)
Depth: approx. 23.5 cm (usable inner dimension of the two top trays)
Depth: approx. 26.5 cm (usable inner dimension of the two bottom trays)

Assembly instructions are included with the display packaging.

Additional Information

Content 1 Stk
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 12

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