Bio Saw Chain Oil 68

Articlenumber: 1283
For lubricating chains of all high-performance motor saws and reciprocating saws. For extreme conditions such as sawing hardwoods.


Environmentally-friendly chain oil based on high-grade vegetable oils. The special formula used in BIO SAW-CHAIN OIL 68 guarantees fast biodegradability (Test CEC L-33-T-82: in 21 days > 90 %) plus toxicological safeness. The outstanding adhesion properties and the optimal lubrication properties guarantee that all moving parts such as the chain links and track links are ideally lubricated and protected against wear. The favorable viscosity-temperature behavior ensures all-year use at high and low outdoor temperatures.

Additional Information


Rapidly biodegradable lubricating oils based on high-quality vegetable oils. They have outstanding viscosity / temperature properties and can therefore be used over a broad temperature range. Anti-wear additives in combination with special adhesive additives and the natural capacity for polar adherence of the vegetable-based base oils ensure excellent protection against wear and corrosion and prevent spin-off of the lubrication point. Rapidly biodegradable and toxicologically safe. They are especially recommended for use with loss lubrication, when normal lubricating oils are spun off by vibrations or rotation and there is a risk of the product being introduced into the environment. Typical areas of application are their use in the lubrication of reciprocating saws and the lubrication of chains in motor saws.

Content 205 l
Oil Type mineralisch
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 2

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