Lubricant Fix

Articlenumber: P000363
For general use in the workshop, industrial, house, hobby, garden areas, etc. For reliable lubrication of bearings, sliding guides, seat rails, sunroofs, door locks.


Lubricant Fix is an exceptionally adhesive, water resistant, special paste with a wide range of applications. It provides outstanding protection from wear, corrosion and oxidation and prevents creaking and squeaking.. Extremely adhesive, reduces friction, is resistant to hot water and seawater.
Labeling according to DIN 51502 KP2G-30. Operating temperature range: -30 °C to 110 °C.

product variants
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Lubricant Fix 1080 50 g Tube plastic D

Additional Information


Extremely adhesive high-performance grease for the lubrication of closed and open drives. High EP properties, water-resistant, resistant to commercially available aqueous alkalis, compatible with all common sealing materials, oxidation-resistant, even in long-term use, reliable corrosion protection, free of solid lubricants.


Thoroughly clean surfaces removing dirt and old grease residues before application. Apply thinly to sliding surfaces and follow the instructions of the bearing and machine manufacturer.

Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 3120

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