Hydraulic System Additive

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For hydraulic systems in industry, in construction and commercial vehicles as well as for assemblies used for agriculture and forestry. Mix with the hydraulic oil. Add 2–4 % with preventive use, 4–8 % remedially. Not suitable for hydraulic systems that are filled with rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oils in accordance with HEPG, HETG or HEES as well as central hydraulic system oils or brake fluid.


Protects and maintains sealing materials such as O-rings in hydraulic systems. Reduces the friction and prevents the stick-slip effect. Lowers the oil temperature, slows down oil aging and provides optimal protection of components of the hydraulic system, e.g. pumps, against wear. Protects hydraulic systems against corrosion, foam and sludge formation and deposits. Minimizes wear, reduces the risk of repairs and lowers the operating costs.

Additional Information

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Application Use preventively in a dosage of 2–4 % to the volume of hydraulic oil. Remedially, a dosage of 4–8 % of the hydraulic volume is required. Can be used in systems that are filled with mineral-based or hydrocrack-based hydraulic oils in accordance with DIN 51524 Part 1, 2, or 3.
Note: Must not be used in hydraulic systems that are filled with biologically rapidly degradable products (HEPG, HETG or HEES). It must also not be used in the brake fluid systems of vehicles.
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