LM 330 Contact-Grease

Articlenumber: 3230

For the maintenance and protection of all types of contacts in weak current engineering. For plug connections, compensating controllers, switches, sliders, relays and wire-wound potentiometers, etc.

Compatible with silver and gold contacts. NBR-compatible.


Contact treatment preparation based on saturated synthetic esters. For lifetime lubrication of electronic contacts and components. Shows no signs of chemical decomposition or resinification even after long periods of use. With a wide operating temperature range as well as high stability to aging, liquefying and oxidation. Reduces contact resistance and suppresses arcing even with electronically moving parts. Creates a protective barrier on electrical contacts to keep out environmental influences such as dust, dirt and moisture. Reduces wear and corrosion and penetrates layers of oxides and sulphides.

Additional Information

Content 500 g
Application Before treating, the contact surfaces must be clean and free from residues such as lubricants, dirt and moisture. Apply a thin uniform coat.
Note: Before using the product, check for compatibility with plastics sensitive to stress cracking.
Package Unit 4
Pallet Unit 480

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