Meguin Hydraulikoel HLP 10

Articlenumber: P001911


Mineral oils that are used as pressure fluids in hydraulic systems. They contain active ingredients to increase ageing resistance, anti-corrosive properties and EP properties. As a result of these additives they satisfy all requirements and are primarily used in hydraulic systems in which high thermal stresses occur, corrosion can form due to water and whose pumps or hydraulic motors require oil types with wear protection agents for mixed friction as a result of the operating conditions.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Meguin Hydraulikoel HLP 10 9559 1000l Deposit container D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HLP 10 8677 200l Drum sheet metal D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HLP 10 8675 20l Canister plastic D-GB
Meguin Hydraulikoel HLP 10 8676 60l Drum sheet metal D-GB


  • Hydrauliköl DIN 51524 Teil 2 HLP 10

Additional Information

Oil Type Mineral-based
Application ###EMPTY_IN_PIM###
Gearoil Approvals Hydrauliköl DIN 51524 Teil 2 HLP 10
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 28

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