Wax Coating

Articlenumber: 3311
For inside and outside storage, transport and dispatch of machines and metal components.


Combination of state-of-the-art, highly effective wax-based agents. The adherent, elastic and transparent protective film offers outstanding, reliable long-term protection for inside and outside storage. The thin coating does not impair any subsequent welding work. Normal handling is possible soon after the non-oily film has been applied.

Additional Information

Content 300 ml
Application Shake can vigorously before use. Application on clean, dry surface by spraying. The coat thickness is between 15 μm and 50 μm, depending on environmental conditions. Apply several coats to increase protection against corrosion. The contents of the can should be at room temperature during application. When spraying in enclosed spaces, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation. After use, clear spray nozzle (hold can with spray head upside down) by spraying until only pure propellant emerges.

Note: LIQUI MOLY Engine Compartment Cleaner (part no. 3326) can be used for removal of the wax coating. The application notes can be found in its product information.

Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 1260

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