Marine Anti-Limescale

Articlenumber: 25047
For external cooling water systems on all boat engines including heat exchanger. Compatible with all materials used there. Not suitable for drinking water or fresh water supply.


Aqueous solution with inorganic acid. Removes all limescale deposits while protecting the material in the entire external cooling circuit and protects against corrosion.

Additional Information

Content 5 l

Add via the intake area of the external cooling circuit. After allowing to take affect for 30 – 60 minutes, drain and flush out with water. Then use Marine Antifreeze for winter storage. The specifications and instructions from the assembly or engine manufacturer must be followed. Disposal according to the local regulations. Only store in original state (undiluted). Dilute with water depending on the degree of calcification.

Mixing table:

- Minor calcification & prevention 1:10                                         

- Extensive calcification      1:5

- Extreme calcification                 undiluted

Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 87

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