Marine Antifreeze

Articlenumber: P004528

For all external cooling water systems of the boat engine and the toilet system (wastewater system). Radiator antifreeze compatible with all materials. Not suitable for drinking water or fresh water supply!

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Combination of active agents based on a monopropylene glycol/water mixture. Offers excellent frost protection during the overwintering of pipes. Allows safe wintering in a coordinated mixing ratio with water, thus making it unnecessary to empty the lines completely. Protects against corrosion. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Marine Antifreeze 25082 5 l Canister plastic D-F-I-E-GR-GB-DK-N-FIN-S-RUS
Marine Antifreeze 25083 20 l Canister plastic D-F-I-E-GR-GB-DK-N-FIN-S-RUS
Marine Antifreeze 25084 60 l Drum sheet metal D-GB
Marine Antifreeze 25085 205 l Drum plastic D-GB

Additional Information


Note the engine or unit manufacturers’ operating instructions. Disposal according to the local regulations. Only store in original state (undiluted). Dilute with water according to the desired degree of frost protection. We recommend using tap water that is no harder than 3.655mmol/l.

Mixing table

Frost protection      Water       Protection up to

1 l                               -              -32 °C

1 l                               200 ml     -22 °C

1 l                               800 ml     -12 °C

Package Unit 4
Pallet Unit 128

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