MoS2-Rust Solvent

Articlenumber: P000519
Rusted-in and corroded metal parts like screws, bolts and other movable parts.

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Outstanding lubricant for all moving parts. Penetrates the closest tolerances. Penetrates and dissolves rust. MoS2 Rust Solvent stops squeaking and keeps moving parts permanently operating smoothly. Prevents corrosion and oxidation. Penetrates rapidly and does not attack plastics, paints or metals. Drives away water, low friction values due to MoS2 solid lubricant.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
MoS2-Rust Solvent 1614 300 ml Can aerosol D-GB-I-E-P
MoS2-Rust Solvent 1817 300 ml Can aerosol D-NL-F-GR-ARAB
MoS2-Rust Solvent 2694 300 ml Can aerosol D-PL-H-RO-TR
MoS2-Rust Solvent 1986 300 ml Can aerosol D-RUS-UA
MoS2-Rust Solvent 1613 600 ml Can aerosol D-GB-I-E-P
MoS2-Rust Solvent 2653 600 ml Can aerosol D-PL-H-RO-TR
MoS2-Rust Solvent 2993 600 ml Can aerosol GB-DK-FIN-N-S

Additional Information

Description MoS2 Rust Solvent contains a selection of agents with excellent rust-dissolving, water repellent, protective and penetrating properties.
Application Spray onto surface with the aerosol can, hand spray can, spray gun or apply by immersion, brush or wiping.
Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 1512

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