A/C system cleaner for home air conditioning systems

Articlenumber: 21485
For cleaning split air conditioning systems for the home.


Cleaning fluid to easily and effectively free home air conditioning systems from bad odors without extensive disassembly by cleaning the surface of the evaporator. These bad odors are often caused by bacteria and mold. Leaves behind a pleasantly fresh fragrance after cleaning.

Additional Information

Content 250 ml

Portion pack: One can will treat one air conditioning system. If the manufacturer of the air conditioning system provides a cleaning service recommendation, this recommendation must be observed. If possible, spray the cleaning fluid directly onto the evaporator surface.

LIQUI MOLY recommended use:

- Check to make sure that the condensation water outlets are not blocked.

- Switch the air conditioning system off before cleaning and isolate it from the power supply.

- Remove the grille and spray the surface of the evaporator with the fluid. Excess fluid will run off in the normal air conditioning system process.

- Allow the air conditioning system to dry for approx. 10 minutes after cleaning. It can then be started up again.

Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 990

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