Octane Plus

Articlenumber: P000043
For increasing the octane number of gasoline.

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Octane Plus is a self-mixing combination of agents formulated according to state-of-the-art additive and fuel technology. Octane Plus is for universal use and increases the research octane number (RON) of the fuel by 2-4 points, depending on the RON. Thanks to the increased performance of the fuel, engine damage caused by knocking combustion is prevented. The increase of the octane number ensures low fuel consumption.

product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Octane Plus 8351 150 ml Can sheet metal GB-ARAB-F
Octane Plus 2956 150 ml Can sheet metal GB-GR-I
Octane Plus 8355 150 ml Can sheet metal D-E-P
Octane Plus 7144 150 ml Can sheet metal ALGERIEN-GB-ARAB-F
Octane Plus 3954 150 ml Can sheet metal D-RUS-UA
Octane Plus 20879 150 ml Can sheet metal JP
Octane Plus 21349 150 ml Can sheet metal D-GB-CN

Additional Information

Application One 150 ml can is sufficient for 50 l gasoline. Increases the RON by up to 4 points. Pour Octane Plus into the fuel tank and then top up with fuel. Mixing takes place automatically. Minimum fuel filling of 7 gal. is requested for optimum product performance. Note: Do not store the product at temperatures > 40 °C for extended periods!
Package Unit 20
Pallet Unit 2000

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