LM 497 Compressor Oil SAE 20W-20

Articlenumber: P000402
For use in screw, rotation and piston compressors and for lubricating cylinders and power trains.


Synthetic diester-based compressor oil. With an extremely high self-ignition temperature of 400 °C. Ensures high oxidation stability and optimum lubrication. Tested and approved by well-known compressor manufacturers.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
LM 497 Compressor Oil SAE 20W-20 4402 10 l Canister plastic D-GB
LM 497 Compressor Oil SAE 20W-20 4409 201 l Drum sheet metal D-GB

Additional Information

Oil Type Synthese Technologie

Instructions for oil changes

When using for the first time, please note:

  • Drain mineral oil fully when warm
  • Clean or replace the oil filter and valves
  • Perform first filling with LM 497 Compressor Oil
  • The next oil change should be carried out in accordance with the extended oil change interval
  • Only refill with LM 497 Compressor Oil
The specifications and instructions from the assembly or machine manufacturer must be followed.
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 36

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