Super Low Friction Motor Oil MoS2 15W-50

Articlenumber: P000294
Motor oil for gasoline, diesel and turbocharged engines. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and extreme operating conditions.


Modern, all season, low friction motor oil formulated from selected mineral base oils. The high additive content which includes the solid lubricant molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) ensures optimum lubrication under extreme operating conditions and with long periods between oil changes.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Super Low Friction Motor Oil MoS2 15W-50 2456 1 l Canister plastic D-NL-F-GR-ARAB
Super Low Friction Motor Oil MoS2 15W-50 2457 4 l Canister plastic D-NL-F-GR-ARAB

Approvals & Recommendations

LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles that needs to comply the following specifications:

  • ACEA A3
  • ACEA B4
  • API SL
  • API CF

Additional Information

Oil Type Mineral-based
Application The operating materials instructions of the motor vehicle and engine manufacturer must be followed.
Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 576

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