Truck-Longlife Motor Oil S3 10W-40

Articlenumber: P003240
Especially for high performance, emission-optimized, state-of-the-art commercial vehicle diesel engines with extremely long oil change intervals.


All season motor oil. Specially developed to meet maximum requirements for SCANIA commercial vehicle engines with long oil change intervals. This motor oil satisfying SCANIA Standard LDF-3 is downwards compatible and includes all previous SCANIA standards. Use of state-of-the-art additive technology guarantees optimum protection against wear, meeting the highest requirements of other diesel commercial vehicles. Recommended for use in diesel engines only.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Truck-Longlife Motor Oil S3 10W-40 3030 20 l Canister plastic D-GB
Truck-Longlife Motor Oil S3 10W-40 3031 60 l Drum sheet metal D-GB
Truck-Longlife Motor Oil S3 10W-40 3032 205 l Drum sheet metal D-GB

Approvals & Recommendations


  • ACEA E4
  • ACEA E7
  • API CF
  • Scania LDF-3

LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles that needs to comply the following specifications:

  • Cummins CES 20072
  • DAF HP2
  • Deutz DQC III-10
  • Mack EO-M Plus
  • MAN M 3277
  • MB 228.5
  • MTU Typ 3
  • Renault Trucks RLD-2
  • Renault Trucks RXD
  • Volvo Class A
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • ZF TE-ML 04C

Additional Information

Oil Type Synthese Technologie

The operating regulations of the commercial motor vehicle and engine manufacturers must be followed for normal and extended oil change intervals. Recommended usage is for diesel engines only.

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Pallet Unit 24

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