Brake Anti-Squeal

Articlenumber: P000411
For the entire brake system at disk brake pads, studs, pins as well as contact points for drum brakes. Separating paste for centering rings on aluminum rims, connection points between rims and wheel hubs and other plugged and screwed connections.

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A special synthetic agent for use in the brake system. Extremely adherent, resistant to road salt and splash water. Prevents and eliminates squealing sounds from brakes that occur between the brake caliper pistons or contact points and brake lining. Secures the function of the entire brake system and prevents the seizing or rust freezing of the rims on the wheel hubs. Application range – 40 °C to + 1200 °C.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Brake Anti-Squeal 3078 10 g Cushion plastic D
Brake Anti-Squeal 7585 10 g Cushion plastic RUS-UA
Brake Anti-Squeal 21121 10 g Cushion plastic GB
Brake Anti-Squeal 3077 100 g Tube plastic D-GB-I
Brake Anti-Squeal 3084 1 kg Can sheet metal D-GB-I-E-P

Additional Information

Description Brake Anti-Squeal Paste has been specially developed from synthetic and ceramic materials which eliminate brake squeals arising between the brake piston or contact surface and the brake lining.
Application With floating brake callipers, first clean all sliding surfaces, channels and contact surfaces using a brush or brake file. Next, clean the brake components with Rapid Cleaner (Part no. 3318). After the solvent has evaporated, coat cleaned parts with Brake Anti-Squeal Paste on all sliding surfaces, channels and contact surfaces.
Package Unit 50
Pallet Unit 13000
  • Brake Anti-Squeal Paste

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