LM 49 Fluid Paste

Articlenumber: 3060
Used for assembly, repairs and maintenance in all engineering applications. Especially suitable for use in maintenance and repair work.


Thixotropic combination of lubricants developed from commercially available MoS2 solid lubricant pastes. Outstandingly easy to use and therefore specially suitable for the workshop. Provides spontaneous adherence, highest pressure absorption capacity, good corrosion protection, universal application, quick and easy application, economy and emergency running properties.

Additional Information

Description Ideal assembly, lubricating and running-in paste. For numerous applications in the manufacture, maintenance and servicing of motor vehicles, in agricultural applications, industry and construction machines. Very adherent. Penetration properties ensure excellent lubrication and optimal wear reduction, even with economic application. Very easy to use and thus particularly suitable for the workshop.
Content 500 g
Application Apply thinly onto surfaces which must be clean but not free of oil. Rubbing in not necessary. Can be applied in excess.
Package Unit 4
Pallet Unit 360

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