Screw Grip

Articlenumber: 3811
For loosening damaged screw heads of all kinds like slot, Phillips, Allan, polygon-head Allan, Torx screws.


Restores the grip and support of worn out screw heads and tools. All standard screw types can be effortlessly tightened and loosed with Screw Grip. Immediately effective (without curing). Can also be used upside down. Simply wipe off after applying. Does not produce material deposition on cutting-tool tips.

Additional Information


Paste-like fluid which significantly boosts the static friction between the tool and the screw or nut being turned. This allows screw connections that are difficult to access to be protected from damage or damaged screws to be easily loosened again.

The treated product contains biocides as protective agents.

Content 20 g

Shake well before use. Place a single drop of Screw Grip in or around the damaged screw head. Repeatedly accurately position and move tool so that the crystals anchor into each other. The tool will soon find its grip and the screw can be loosened without any difficulty.

Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 1800

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