Petrol Stabiliser CNG/LPG

Articlenumber: 2817
Suitable for all gasoline engines – Add to fuel for gas-driven vehicles that require gasoline to start. Tested safe with catalytic converters. Add to fuel and re-add every time you fill up. One filling with the 25 ml dispenser is sufficient for 20 l fuel. Also suitable for preservation before decommissioning gasoline engines.


Ashless additive combination with preserving and material protection properties. Protects the fuel system against operational malfunctions which arise from age-related fuel deposits. With long-term effect.

Additional Information


Gasoline Stabilizer for gas-driven vehicles is a modern, ash-free combination of additives with properties for preservation and for protecting material. The product has been formulated using state-of-the-art additive and fuel technologies. Gasoline Stabilizer for gas-driven vehicles protects the fuel system against operational malfunctions that arise as a result of age-related deposits of the fuel. The product has a lasting effect.

Content 250 ml

Suitable for all gasoline engines. Remove cap and hold bottle vertically. Carefully squeeze the bottle into the upper chamber to obtain the amount needed. Then add this to the gasoline. Filling the dosage chamber (25 ml) once is sufficient for 20 liters of fuel. Add to the fuel and repeat dosage after refueling.

Package Unit 6
Pallet Unit 1728

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