Oil & Chemical Binding Agents

Articlenumber: 7250
For absorbing and binding oil, fuel and chemicals. For small and large-scale area usage indoors and outdoors. 1 liter oil binder binds approx. 0.62 liter oil.


High performance oil binder based on 100 % polyurethane rigid foam (PUR) in granulate form. Does not absorb water. Registered oil binder. Conforms to requirements for Types I, II and III/SF with R rating.

Additional Information

Description Powerful oil absorber based on 100 % polyurethane hard foam. The oil take-up capacity is barely reduced by any water present, so the product is almost 100 % effective. Complies with the requirements of Type I, II and III/SF with rating R (Announcement of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety dated 3/12/90 and 4/23/98 for Type I, II, RSF).
Content 25 l

Particularly with large-area applications, unknown liquids or mixtures, first check the compatibility of the absorbing liquid. Apply the granulate in a layer that is 5 mm thick on the liquid to be removed and remove after sufficient time for the product to take effect. The absorption effect can be improved and accelerated by sweeping back and forth with hard broom.

Suitable for use in conventional spreaders. When pouring, please make note of the direction and strength of the wind as well as general protective measures. In addition, the ignition hazards resulting from electrostatic charges must be observed.

According to the declaration by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety dated 3/12/1990 in GMBI no. 18 p. 337, sufficient cleaning of traffic areas requires at least two applications of binders and subsequent cleaning with a 1 % wetting agent solution and water. The wetting agent solution must be disposed of through reabsorption, where possible.

For disposal measures following use, observe the relevant regulations and legal specifications valid for the absorptively bound substance.

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