Repair Resin with Injector

Articlenumber: 6299
For repairing stone cracks in laminate glass car windows.


Low-viscosity, UV-hardening 1-component repair resin for particularly good crack filling. Resin and injector are packaged in one unit.

Additional Information

Description Clear, extremely low-viscosity, UV-curing adhesive for filling in any type of crack in windshields and other laminated glasses. Thanks to the extremely low viscosity (similar to that of water), this resin has excellent capillary action and can work its way into even the finest cracks.
Content 1 Stk
Application Fill the injector or the resin chamber with 4-5 drops (with the small injector) or 5-10 drops (with the large injector) of repair resin. Information on the repair is available in our operating instructions in accordance with the system used.
Note: The product should not come into contact with rubber or plastic parts or painted surfaces of the vehicle. In the event of contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water or glass cleaner.
Package Unit 1
Pallet Unit 1000

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