Car Wash & Wax

Articlenumber: P001084
Especially for thorough and gentle cleaning of paint finishes while protecting at the same time.


Shine and protection in one step. For fast paint care in-between. Effortlessly removes dirt and protects the paint by using selected waxes and tensides. No limestone lines. Eases polishing with a chamois and is gentle to the hands. The gloss intensification optically upgrades your car. Paint protection against weather and other aggressive influences. Regular use provides optimal paint care.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Car Wash & Wax 1542 1 l Bottle plastic D-GB-I-E-P
Car Wash & Wax 2736 1 l Bottle plastic GB-DK-FIN-N-S

Additional Information

Application Shake Car Wash & Wax vigorously before use and then mix with water. 30 ml of Car Wash & Wax (approx. 2 capfuls) is sufficient for 10 l water. Apply the mixture using a sponge to the paintwork to be cleaned and spread out for cleaning. After this, rinse well with water and leather the surface. Regular application gives the optimum results.
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Pallet Unit 552

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