Engine Compartment Cleaner

Articlenumber: P001053
For cleaning engines and engine compartments.


Makes engine compartments shiny clean. Loosens oil and greasy soiling, tar and brake dust. With high washing and cleaning action. Free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Engine Compartment Cleaner 3326 400 ml Can aerosol D-GB-E
Engine Compartment Cleaner 3963 400 ml Can sheet metal D-RUS-UA

Additional Information


Spray the parts to be cleaned from about 20-30 cm and leave to act for approx. 10-20 minutes depending on the degree of contamination. After this, wash off thoroughly with a narrow jet of water. Use LM Engine Sealant for preserving the cleaned components. Can also be used to remove wax coating (part no. 3311).
Note: When using the Engine Compartment Cleaner on components that have been repainted or painted by airbrush, first check for compatibility in a concealed area. When cleaning, the local regulations of the water management authority must be followed.

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Pallet Unit 1008

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