Windshield Frost Guard Concentrate -60 °C

Articlenumber: P001118
Windshield washer unit in the automotive sector. Suitable for polycarbonate and fish-tail nozzles.

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Prevents windshield washing systems from freezing up. With highly effective cleaning additive. Increases the driver visibility through clear windows. Does not attack paints, rubber or plastics. Economical, mixes in all proportions.
product variants
Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Windshield Frost Guard Concentrate -60 °C 6923 1 l Bottle plastic D
Windshield Frost Guard Concentrate -60 °C 6926 5 l Canister plastic D
Windshield Frost Guard Concentrate -60 °C 6928 60 l Drum plastic D
Windshield Frost Guard Concentrate -60 °C 6929 200 l Drum plastic D

Additional Information

Description Window Antifreeze Concentrate -60°C is a state-of-the-art formulation containing antifreeze and surfactant cleaning components designed for use in passenger and commercial vehicle windscreen washer units according to the mixture table. This product does not attack plastics and is therefore also suitable for vehicles with windscreen washer units made from polycarbonate.

Dilute Windscreen Antifreeze Concentrate with water according to the desired degree of frost protection.

 Mixture table

Agent           Water          Frost protection

1 part           2 parts         down to -10°C
1 part           1 part          down to -20°C
neat              -                 down to -60°C

Package Unit 12
Pallet Unit 600

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