Pro-Line Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Articlenumber: P003563
Suitable for all automatic transmissions and power steering systems without an additional system. 300 ml are sufficient for 6-9 l ATF oil volume.

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Cleans and frees the automatic oil circuit of deposits and residues. Provides for optimum gear shift performance and prolongs transmission service life
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Product Name SKU Bundle Languages
Pro-Line Automatic Transmission Cleaner 5101 1 l Can sheet metal D-GB-I-E-P
Pro-Line Automatic Transmission Cleaner 5179 5 l Canister plastic D-GB-I-E-P

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Highly effective cleaning fluid designed to dissolve problematic deposits and residues in automatic transmissions for optimum gear shift performance, thus extending the transmission service life. These highly effective detergent and dispersant additives in association with the carrier fluid have been tested in the laboratory and in practical field trials for their ability to dissolve sludge and lacquer formers.


Add the appropriate amount of the can contents to the transmission oil and then run the engine for 10 – 15 minutes at idle speed. Shift through all gears once or twice. Then stop the engine and change the oil and the oil filter. For optimum effect we recommend the use of our automatic transmission service device Gear Tronic.

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Pallet Unit 630

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